What a Gap Year Taught Me

Art Hill in St. Louis’s Forest Park. Source: Author

1. I realized I *can* make a living in music.

Before this year, I had always been a student, and in my undergrad, winning a big job in music was put on a pedestal. It felt intimidating and out of reach.

2. I am more confident in myself, my knowledge, and my capabilities.

Working those jobs this past year helped build up my self-confidence. There was always something about being a student in the past that made me feel like I was “lesser”, that my thoughts and actions had less value than those who were older than me, played better than me, etc.

3. I learned more about what I need in a personal relationship.

One of the greatest things to come out of 2020 and the year of covid was that I met my wonderful partner. In fact, if it weren’t for covid, I never would’ve taken a gap year and therefore would never have met him.



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Mia Thompson

Mia Thompson

I’m a classical clarinetist working towards a life in classical music performance and education. B.M. in Clarinet Performance from Indiana University